3 workplace design in 2022

We know that working either at home or in the office always generates stress, that is why it is important to have comfortable and distraction-free spaces. Work should not always be boring, a good workplace design is a mix of corporate image, comfort and functionality.

The designer must know well the tastes and concerns that affect the worker or company. That is why the design must be flexible and adaptable according to the space needed, making it more attractive with the use of comfortable furniture and its correct distribution. A work space design promotes creativity and efficiency of those who use it.

Cime Decor shows you ideas and initiatives to improve that space that worries you so much.

Why is it important to adapt a workspace?

Workplace design can be challenging and time-consuming, but if done right, it can increase productivity and concentration. This is also a strategy to attract good candidates and retain the best ones.

By adapting the areas to the concept and culture that represents the organization, it allows a first glimpse of the company’s rhythm. This allows the future employee to quickly adapt to this mechanism.

Workplace design is a crucial part of an organization’s culture. It must be able to reflect the company’s values and encourage the behaviors desired by employees. Although it may vary by location and industry.

We must also take into account those spaces designed for working from home. We know that being at home causes many distracting factors. Therefore the colors, furniture and size of the workspace must be proportionally correct.

With the right advice it should be easy to find those elements that allow to give tranquility, comfort and efficiency when performing their work activities, taking into account the separation of the workplace with recreational spaces within the same home.

1. Open space design

The concept used in offices with modern ideas allows to exploit creativity and team cooperation. These are shared spaces that, with the right layout and design, will allow for the continuous communication and brainstorming that the company identifies with.

This workspace design is an open and shared table with ingenious designs, it is recommended that these spaces have natural light and large windows to create an idea of freedom.

2. Private offices

This workplace is known as traditional, they are spaces used for confidentiality and in many cases are created with a clear need to show hierarchy in the company. Private offices allow people to perform their activities with concentration and full tranquility, but with little collaboration from other members.

For this design of the workplace it is important to take into account the dimensions to create an idea that does not saturate the space and place comfortable furniture for the employee and visitors if required, with neutral colors and make use of furniture with white light; these work areas are often used in schools, universities and professions such as law firms.

3. Work at home

This workplace, even though it may seem easy to adapt, is one of the most difficult spaces to design, it must take into account the distractions that exist around the area where work activities are performed.

Together with the right advice you will find a solution to the new distribution and creation of the design of the workspace at home. It is important to take into account the lighting that will have and even better if it is natural light, a space at home with ergonomic capabilities that inspire better performance and away from the entertainment area, with a sober view and without distracting facts that take away from the target, the furniture to be used should be comfortable and with flexibility of movement if required.

Other workplace models

Finding the right model for each workspace design is complicated, that’s why with innovative ideas and designs. Cime Decor helps you by advising you according to the business or particular need, this together with professionals in the area of interior design. Take into account that improving the workplace is not a whim, but a necessity to improve business performance. If you are interested in learning more, enter and learn about other modern and easy ideas to adapt to your work environment.